JetHub Company Profile

JetHub’s private charter flight services utilizes the best aircraft operators giving our clients access to the private jets they desire. JetHub’s executive team is dedicated to providing its clients the experience in private jet charter service that has been missing in the aviation industry. As passionate people the JetHub team will continue to elevate the level of service and provide its clients with the right tools to make the whole experience beyond their expectations.

Understanding the market is the key to our success. JetHub continues to innovate the private jet charter industry by providing key services:

  • Dedicated private charter advisor
  • JetCard 2.0 the ultimate jet card program
  • Electronic quotes and signature capture
  • Dedication to Safety as our top priority

JetHub News

Gulfstream 550 A Charter Jet Favorite

The Gulfstream 550 is a world traveling favorite of the charter and corporate flight department community. There are more than 460 Gulfstream G550 business jets in service and the people who own and operate them say the aircraft is a top performer, a multipurpose...

Great Reasons To Charter A Private Jet

The Benefits of a Private Jet Charter Time Savings - Time is money, and when you enlist the services of a private jet charter you will be amazed at how much time can be saved. For starters, you will not need to waste a moment on being...

10 Initial Pre-Screening Questions For Your Next Private Jet Rental

The advantages to flying in a private jet rental make it easy to see why so many people swear by it. Still, creature comforts should never be chosen at the expense of safety. As such, it's imperative that you do your research before booking a private jet rental. To...

Price Considerations for Private Jet Rental

There are several factors to consider when chartering a private jet rental. Safety, insurance, operator history and price. All of these can be an overwhelming task to do on your own, and using a charter broker will assure that these items are addressed properly,...