With the Super Bowl now just around the corner, it’s time to lock down any final travel arrangements. Of course, being down to the wire, it can be next to impossible to book a commercial flight at a reasonable rate. Perhaps it is time for you to consider booking a private jet rental. After all, you’re headed off to the granddaddy of all sporting events – why not arrive in style?  Although you may have never considered it as a viable option, you would be surprised to learn how affordable and convenient a private jet rental really is for this event. Here are several ways that booking a private flight to the Superbowl can benefit you.

  •  Privacy – One of the most disagreeable aspects of flying commercially is being crammed in an aircraft with a large number of other passengers. Even if you choose to fly first class, you are still being exposed to the same air that could be contaminated with germs and viruses, you endure the sounds of other people’s crying children, and wait in a queue to use the lavatory. Traveling in a private jet rental eliminates these problems. Imagine having room to stretch out and actually relax on your flight in the company of only those who have expressly been invited to join you.
  • Time Savings – A major difference between flying commercially and flying on a private jet rental is your ability to command your own schedule. Unlike other modes of travel, flying privately gives you the ability to keep to a very specific time table. If you want to leave for the Superbowl at 2PM the day before, that is exactly what you will get. There will be no reason to worry about delays, connecting flights, or layovers. Best of all, flying privately means that you don’t have to arrive at the airport hours in advance to go through security or check your bags. From start to finish, your travels will go far more smoothly and efficiently than ever before.
  • Safety – The safety factor in flying on a private jet is twofold. First, as you will be traveling only with people that you know, you will be able to enjoy the peace of mind that no one on the flight will pose a risk to your life or safety. Secondly, each private jet rental is tightly controlled by the FAA and other safety auditing companies, and in some cases, regulations are even stricter that they are for commercial flights.  This ensures that all private pilots have the proper experience and credentials, and that every aircraft is operating at peak performance before and after each flight.
  • Customized Amenities – It can be a real bummer when you board your plane to learn that the in-flight movie is one that you’ve already seen, or worse, that you have no desire to see. With a private jet rental, you can make specific requests for just about anything from ensuring that your kid’s favorite Sponge Bob DVD can be played to keep them entertained, or having a rental car booked and ready for you as soon as you land.
  • Affordability – Think a private jet rental is too expensive? Guess again. When you stop to consider how much you spend on tickets for each of your family members or colleagues to fly commercially, the cost to fly on a private jet rental becomes extremely comparable, and in some cases, can actually save you money. And when you factor in all of the convenience and extra perks, you almost can afford not to book a private jet rental to the Super Bowl this year.