The number of people opting for private jet rental has been increasing gradually over the years; the service is no longer exclusive to CEOs of the largest corporations but anyone looking to make the best possible impression. More people are now able to enjoy the luxury of a private jet and receive benefits that range from added comfort and convenience to often lower rates than flying first class on a commercial airline. These business people use the following five tips when booking their private jet rental.

1. Use a Broker for Private Jet Rental

Brokers work directly with the private jet charter operators to negotiate the best price possible. They can frequently obtain better rates than their clients could through their greater leverage when it comes to private jet rental. Additionally, brokers can dedicate the time needed to search the market to find the best option to suit your needs and budget. A broker will ensure that the flight runs smoothly and is free from delays so you will always reach your destination on time.

2. Select an Appropriate Charter Plane

The most suitable type of charter plane for you will depend on the distance you are traveling and number of passengers. There are various types of private jets ranging from the six- to seven-passenger light jets to the heavy jets that are able to seat a large number people and fly long distances. A mid size jet is ideal for journeys of intermediate lengths or for groups of eight to nine passengers.

3. Be Flexible

Whenever your plans allow it, try to fly short notice on empty leg charter flights. This can save you thousands of dollars often making the private jet rental cheaper than a commercial flight. Unlike flying with a commercial airline, you are still provided with the additional luxury, expedience and professional business image gained by a private jet.

4. Book Early

When the above does not apply and you have a strict schedule to keep, it is essential to book your private jet early in order to find a private jet rental company to meet your specific needs. This is especially important around the holiday seasons when inventory depletes faster than usual.

5. Utilize Smaller Airports

One of the greatest advantages of private jet rental is the ability to use smaller airports that are free from the majority of air passengers and tedious security procedures, and often closer to departure points and destinations. Using small airports also incurs lower fees that will significantly reduce the overall cost of your flight.