Your vacation time is intended to be relaxing and stress free so that you can recover from the hustle and bustle of every day life and truly renew yourself. It is an unfortunate truth, however, that many of us have experienced much more stress than we bargained for when it comes to our travel arrangements. Though a private jet rental may seem like an extreme solution to the problems of standard air travel, you would be truly amazed at how affordable and convenient it is to fly this way. Flying on a private jet rental will ensure that you get the very most out of your vacation and all of the added perks will provide you with the biggest bang for your buck.

Can I afford a private jet rental?

If you are thinking that a private jet rental is out of your price range, guess again. Though private jets are more costly than flying on a commercial airline, the jump in price is not much at all when you consider all of the amenities and hidden savings that you will receive as an added value to your investment. Here we will take a look at a few of the many reasons that flying on a private jet rental is extremely affordable and how it can make your vacation truly special and memorable.

  • Money Savings –  You may be spending more money on the actual travel arrangements with a private jet rental, but the majority of this extra cost is shaved off by money you will save elsewhere. Instead of paying an arm and a leg for a taxi or shuttle service, you’ll be picked up at your home and dropped off at your plane. In addition to this, you wont have to worry about paying money for your checked baggage – this can really add up when you are packing for a long family vacation! Plus, when you fly on a private jet you will not have to worry about paying extra to fly in or out of a specific airport. Everything will be done according to your schedule without requiring you to pay any extra. Once on the plane you will not have to pay for any food, beverage, or entertainment services, unlike on a commercial flight. One other great way to save money with a private jet rental is through group travel. If you include other family members or friends in your vacation plans, you will find that flying privately may actually be cheaper than everyone buying their own individual commercial airfare.
  • Time Savings – When you fly on a private jet rental you will not need to waste a moment of your time researching stringent TSA regulations and frantically working to make sure that you are in compliance. You will not need to spend time waiting in line to check your baggage, and best of all you will not be required to subject yourself to long security check point lines and the intrusive security searches themselves. Plus you won’t have to wait for the plane to load before taking off, meaning you get more time to enjoy on your vacation!
  • Personal Service – A private jet rental will allow you, your family, and your friends to be treated like royalty from start to finish. Instead of vying for the attention of flight staff on a commercial airline, you will have the exclusive attentions from your attendant so that you will feel comfortable, relaxed, and well cared for. In this way, your flight is transformed into part of your vacation experience.

Make your next vacation truly special with a private jet rental!