With a private jet charter, the VIP treatment starts before you even step on the plane. If you wish, you can be chauffeured from your home or office to the airport. The car will be able to take you to the tarmac where your aircraft awaits you. On your arrival, you will be greeted by your pilots and offered refreshment by the FBO staff. You only need to arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time, and the jet will not leave without you if you need to arrive late. Additionally, you can call in advance to request the flight slightly earlier for your added convenience.

Compare the above to commercial flight travel where, even with a first class ticket that may give you access to short check-in and security lines, you are still subject to tedious procedures that are non-existent with private jet charter. Furthermore, your first class ticket does not provide you with immunity from cancelations and lost or damaged luggage, and you still must leave from congested main hub airports.

Secondly, consider the flight itself. First class travel is supposed to be the best available but flights in commercial airlines still require pets to be packed with the luggage and most have limited privacy; in fact, many airlines are now beginning to blend business class with first class. Not only does private jet charter overcome these issues but provides you with further luxuries. You have the freedom to make all the choices and changes to original plans such as departure time and location including from smaller, closer airports. You can also order in advance any food you wish to have rather than be presented with the limited choices that even first class travel provides.

Renting a private jet costs only slightly more than a first class ticket, on a per seat basis. One example of this is traveling in a group of executives to different locations within a few days. The time saved by not having to deal with airport procedures and the total control over travel choices means being able to visit more locations in one day and therefore save on overnight accommodation.

Time saved by flying on a private jet actually saves money in comparison to first class. On average, passengers who opt for commercial flights spend the equivalent of two full days per year in flying and its related procedures. This amount increases for those who travel more frequently.

Private jet travel is increasing as the commercial airlines continue to under-perform. As business profits rise, it is often more plausible to take a private jet to enhance the good image of your company.