There was a time in aviation history when chartering a private jet was a luxury reserved for titans of industry or well-heeled business executives.  As airline travel has become more expensive, time consuming, and laden with delays and security hassles, private jet travel has become a cost effective way to get from point A to B.  After all, time is money.

As any business traveler knows, flying from a small city to another destination by airline can be an exercise in frustration.  Not only are you subject to limited commuter flight schedules, but smaller airports that do offer commercial flights tend to be serviced by small and crowded planes.  In general, you’re also going to have to connect at a larger hub, fly to another hub, and connect to another commuter flight if you’re flying to another small market airport.  Perhaps you’ll even have to rent a car and drive the last leg of your trip.  Then, you’ll reverse the process coming back.

With a private jet charter, you can bypass service inconveniences, such as:

  • Flight schedules:  You pick your airport, schedule the departure time, and go.  Almost every airport in the country that can handle general aviation can be serviced by a business jet.  Delayed at a meeting?  Your charter waits for you – no worries about missed flights.
  • Long security lines:  The security process for private jet charters is much faster and convenient.
  • Baggage check, baggage claim:  How much time have you wasted in airports standing in line to check your baggage, and then retrieve it on the other end?  With a private charter, your bags are loaded onto the plane when you arrive, and given to you immediately when you land (and let’s not even talk about baggage fees that airlines are now charging).
  • Wasted productive work time:  When is the last time that your team was able to really prepare for a meeting on a commercial flight?  On a private jet, there’s no need to worry about someone looking over your shoulder, and your business information remains confidential – and the cabin of a business class jet is as convenient as a conference room in your office.

Perhaps more than anything, one of the great benefits of private jet travel is the personalized attention that you will receive from the time you book the charter until the time your trip is completed.  In general, private charter services will arrange to pick you up at your home or hotel, take you to your plane, and arrange ground transportation at the other end of the journey.  Throughout your experience, you’re dealing with concierge-level service from a staff whose job is to meet your needs, rather than overworked, surly airline personnel.

The bottom line is that a private jet charter allows you to arrive at your destination rested, relaxed and ready for the work (or pleasure) ahead.  It’s hard to put a price on that level of convenience and peace of mind.