Winter storms and bad weather have been grounding and delaying commercial flights across the country for weeks now, as is always the case at this time of year. Commercial airlines are often unable to fly in weather because of the limitations on flying very large aircraft to a limited number of airports. Private jets don’t have these restrictions because they can fly to any number of smaller airports in an area. They are also easier to land and are less affected by bad weather concerns. Private jets afford a flexibility and element of personalization to travel that commercial airlines cannot offer.

Even travelers who make their first-class reservations well in advance aren’t guaranteed that they will make it to their destination on schedule. They might not even make it that day! There are any number of unforeseen factors that can interfere with a person’s travel plans. Private jet brokers, however, operate on the client’s schedule. Running late in traffic? No problem, the jet is ready and waiting for you. The airport you planned to fly into is closed? No problem, there’s an airport 45 minutes away that is fully functional, and your private jet broker has already reserved a car for you to take you from there.

Don’t take the risk of flying commercially this winter if you have a schedule to stick to. Your sales team in Chicago could be there all week. Save the money and the hassle of traveling on unreliable commercial airline flights and book a private jet. Then breathe easy because you know everything is being taken care of by very capable hands.