Are you traveling this December? If you haven’t booked your flight yet it might be time to consider traveling on a private jet. Surprisingly, private jet travel can be more affordable than flying on a commercial airline, especially if you’re taking your whole family with you.

Empty leg flights occur when a private jet is booked for a round trip flight. The operator must still bring the jet back to the home hangar, meaning that these jets are often empty and the operator is flying them at a cost. In order to minimize expenses, operators will often sell the return leg at a greatly reduced price. A passenger at a discounted rate is better than no passenger at all.


Here’s an example:

John and Jane Smith want to fly with their four children from Las Vegas, NV to Aspen, CO for Christmas. They plan to leave on December 21st. They have the option of flying first class or booking an empty leg flight on a private jet.


Type of Flight Number of Stops Total Travel Time Total Cost
First Class Commercial 1 10 hours $6,098.40
Empty Leg on a Private Jet Nonstop 1 hour 45 minutes $6,025.00

By choosing to fly an empty leg on a private jet, the Smith family spends less money than they would on a commercial flight. They are able to fly nonstop, something that wasn’t an option on a commercial airline. The best part? They save over 8 hours in travel time.

Flying on a private jet is an affordable option for holiday travel, especially when traveling in groups of four or more. Contact a JetHub representative today at (888) 435-9774 to take advantage of these great deals.


*Prices shown are estimates. For exact pricing, contact your private jet charter representative today.