There many articles circulating these days on how evil private jets and their owners are in this economy.  Well, here is a report that shows how much of an impact corporate jets have on the local economy.

Here is a snapshot of one-year activity from Chicago Executive Airport (KPWK) in Wheeling. This report is from one FBO and the revenue generated over this period. Remember, this is just one airport and one FBO reporting these numbers.

  • 745 – Number of hotel reservations booked
  • $83,880 – Revenue for Hilton Northbrook, Wingate Inn and other hotels
  • 3,385 – Number of car rentals from the one FBO
  • $580,446 – Revenue for on-site Hertz car rental
  • 1,388 – Number of taxi cab rides originating from Chicago Executive
  • $48,544 – Revenue for 303 Taxi cab service that originated from KPWK
  • $17,796 – Dollars spent in Wheeling area restaurants for the FBO related business meeting

Overall, these number are not huge. But when you look at the thousands of similar airports across the US, the impact is enormous.

Source: Chicago Executive Airport, 2007 report