Legislation recently introduced called the Large Aircraft Security Program (LASP), directly targets business jets and private jets for security reasons. If passed the consequences to the private jet industry and the passengers who fly on private jets will be increased cost and major inconveniences.

The major inconvenience would be that every passenger would be subject to search, background checks and delays.  The biggest reason for flying on a private jet is the time-saving convenience.  The LASP would require you to arrive 60-90 minutes before your flight. Air Marshals would have the authority to board your plane, and all items that are banned on commercial airlines would now be banned on your private flight.

Furthermore, the flexibility of changing your itinery and adding passengers would cause further delays, because under the LASP all such changes would need to get approval from the TSA.

To protect the luxury and convenience of private jet travel, here are a few action items we all can do:

  • Speak to legislators in your area
  • Network and speak with other private jet travelers and have them voice the concerns
  • Contact TSA officials
  • Send letters to your representatives

This piece of legislation would have a negative impact on the entire industry, creating inconvenience for all private jet clients.